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A transformative experience that goes beyond exercise. 




Learn to move your bodyweight, immerse yourself into a journey of true self mastery and discover what your body is truly capable of! Become part of a fun, empowering and supportive community that goes beyond exercise.  

Atria Studios welcomes individuals of all levels, shapes, sizes, and abilities.

Explore our schedule and book on to your unforgettable first class experience.


A Results Driven
Movement Facility

Our mission is to build strong bodies, resilient and strong minded individuals helping them to deepen their connection with themselves through our wide variety of classes.

Our Classes

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Pole Dancing

Pole dancing also known as pole fitness, is an excellent way to help build confidence, strength, flexibility and co-ordination. You will learn how to lift your bodyweight, contort into beautiful shapes and create incredible breath taking transitions and routines.

Pole classes are open to all levels, shapes, sizes, abilities and ages. We work with students from their first ever pole class all the way to athletes of a professional level with lots of experience. 

You don't need any gymnastic, dance or acrobatic experience to start pole, you just have to show up with a positive attitude and we'll take it from there!

If you're not sure what class is best for you, please get in touch and we can discuss options best suited for you!

Fluid Lines

Fluid lines focuses on enhancing your flexibility in order to master the front splits, middle splits and perform deep backbends. 

We will work on increasing range of motion whilst developing a strong yet supple body to support body functionality and free movement.

Applying the flexibility you have gained you will work towards learning active holds putting time under tension on your muscles to improve end range strength. 
You will also work on sport specific dynamic stretches and movements which will assist in improving co-ordination and your lines for aerial arts and inversions. 

This is an excellent class to help relieve any muscular tension, assist in full body relaxation and help you master mind to body connection. 

Aerial Hoop

Aerial hoop, also known as lyra, is a circus art form that involves performing acrobatic, shapes and dance movements in the hoop while suspended from the air. Spin, swing, drop and create beautiful shapes with your bodies transitioning between movements.

Our aerial Hoop classes are all level classes. We recommenced to wear long a sleeve shirt and leggings/tracksuit bottoms for comfort.


Explore your strength and flexibility through this incredible apparatus!  

Ballet Fit

Strengthen your releves, improve your balance, increase your turnout & get lean, strong and long sculpted legs!

It’s no doubt that ballerinas have some of the strongest and most resilient bodies in the world.

From leg lifts, holds to dynamic kicks and pliés, this high energy and body burning class is a class not to be missed! 

Open to all levels, abilities ages shapes and sizes this class is a perfect complimentary class to aerial arts and an excellent class to help improve posture and deep core strength.

Taught by professional ballet dancer, contortionist and aerial artist Elena!

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