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Pole dancing also known as pole fitness, is an excellent way to help build confidence, strength, flexibility and co-ordination. You will learn how to lift your bodyweight, contort into beautiful shapes and create incredible breath taking transitions and routines.

Here at Atria our students are split into levels and our terms are filled with structure to ensure that each student excels in their pole journey.

Pole classes are open to all levels, shapes, sizes, abilities and ages. We work with students from their first ever pole class all the way to athletes of a professional level with lots of experience. We have a wide range of leveled classes to choose from.

You don't need any gymnastic, dance or acrobatic experience to start pole, you just have to show up with a positive attitude and we'll take it from there!

If you're not sure what class is best for you, please get in touch and we can discuss options best suited for you!


Fluid lines focuses on enhancing your flexibility in order to master the front splits, middle splits and perform deep backbends. 

We will work on increasing range of motion whilst developing a strong yet supple body to support body functionality and free movement.

Applying the flexibility you have gained you will work towards learning active holds putting time under tension on your muscles to improve end range strength. 
You will also work on sport specific dynamic stretches and movements which will assist in improving co-ordination and your lines for aerial arts and inversions. 

This is an excellent class to help relieve any muscular tension, assist in full body relaxation and help you master mind to body connection. 


Handstands are a great way to advance your aerial journey unlocking a whole new spectrum of tricks and skills. 

In this class you will learn to develop the strength and body awareness required for you to hold a straight line handstand.

The class will include all the essential techniques for this particular skill. 
The class is filled with endless conditioning from a gymnastic strength training approach, helping students to understand body alignment and developing a mind to body connection.  

Yasmin is an incredible and highly experienced coach it's safe to say that you're in great hands!


In this class you will learn to develop body movement and flow in a sensual way, you will learn how to hit beats, isolate body parts whilst focusing on the overall musicality in a choreographed routine. 


Pole Heels is all about having a good time and bringing out your inner creativity and flow, It is an incredibly uplifting and powerful atmosphere with an encouraging community.


All levels are welcome however this class is not recommended for your first class. Students should be at our beginner L2 level to fully feel confident and able in this class. 


What should I wear?

For comfort we suggest wearing long pants. Knee pads are required and pole heels are recommended. (You may try out the class before purchasing your own pair of heels but if you are a regular then your own pole heels are required).


Low Flow pole is a unique class that brings together body movement and pole tricks in order to create smooth and graceful combinations.

The class will typically start by technique and skill work followed by a beautiful choreographed piece.  


This class is open to all levels and abilities and combines elements of contemporary dance, acrobatics , handstands and pole tricks using the lower part of the pole.

It is advised that baggy trousers or leggings, knee pads and socks are worn to this class in order to glide smoothly across the floor.


Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modernjazzlyrical and classical ballet.

Alesya encourages her students to focus on the connection between mind, soul and body, helping them to unlock their creative potential. Through her techniques, her classes are an energizing and inspiring experience for all participants.

Students can expect to be challenged both physically and mentally, allowing them to explore their own creativity and push their boundaries. With Alesya's guidance, they will learn to develop the proper technique and express their artistry through movement.


Strengthen your releves, improve balance, increase turnout & get lean, strong and long sculpted legs!

It’s no doubt that ballerinas have some of the strongest and most resilient bodies in the world.

From leg lifts, holds to dynamic kicks and pliés, this high energy and body burning class is a class not to be missed! 

Taught by professional ballet dancer, contortionist and aerial artist Elena!



Aerial hoop, also known as lyra, is a circus art form that involves performing acrobatic and dance movements while suspended from the air. Spin, swing, drop and create beautiful shapes with your bodies transitioning between movements.


Explore your strength and flexibility through this incredible apparatus!  

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