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"I don't know where to start".

Starting the gym or any physical based activity can be quite an overwhelming experience for many. Whether it's attending a new fitness class, getting a personal trainer or something that can be as simple as going over to pick up some weights in the gym.

You are probably reading this blog because you've most likely been meaning to start something but you've never got around to doing it. Somethings has always gotten in the way. For instance, you may have told yourself that you want to try out a class on Friday morning but your friend asked you to go out for breakfast with her, of course you much preferred to do that than to go to your class. But it's ok as you told yourself you would go tomorrow, but that night you ended up staying out late and you didn't make it to the gym on Saturday either, but it's ok because you will go tomorrow, right?

Truth is, tomorrow never comes, so you keep procrastinating and never starting.

We all have our reasons as to why we never 'start' something that we have been meaning to do. I want to break down some of the reasons why.

1. Fear

We fear that we will fail. Embarrass ourselves in-front of everyone. It can most defiantly feel very daunting and scary walking into a class full of complete strangers and on top of that they look incredible and are already 10x ahead of you. When everyone already looks like they're in amazing shape we fear that we won't fit in, we fear that we will make a fool out of ourselves if we try to do what they're doing, so we start to feel overwhelmed and nervous. We are scared of what people will think of us.

If this sounds like you, then I'm here to point out the facts.

Firstly, the chances are that the person you caught staring at you for under 2 seconds is probably going to forget about you in the next 10s. They are more concerned and interested in their own workout than to be thinking about someone they just walked past by in the locker room or on the gym floor.

Secondly, I guarantee that no one is judging you whether it's in a class or in the gym. You must remember that everyone started somewhere, the person that you think looks good started somewhere and I guarantee that their bodies didn't just look like that overnight.

We all have fears, I remember walking into my first Crossfit class, I feared that people would judge me as I couldn't lift the same amount of weight as the other girls could, did that mean I was weak? Not good enough? Not strong enough? no it didn't, and the more I started to hang around in that environment and saw people giving their all to each workout it motivated and inspired me to do more. No more fears, if they could do it then so could I. Actually, I'm gonna do it better than them. Tell yourself that.

2. Insecurity

I guess you could tie this point In with fears. But instead of being fearful that you may not be able to do something the fear can stem from body image and insecurities, how comfortable you feel in your own skin.

Now, if we were to take that insecurity into an environment that's going to make you even more uncomfortable chances are It will probably leave you feeling 10x worse than how you felt when you started.

Let's take pole dancing, we have a room filled with half naked women (and men in some cases) dancing around and watching one and other master tricks or combos. Of course this is going to feel super uncomfortable when you don't know anyone and you are being asked to try something you've never done before, let alone something as hard as pole which is not the most natural exercise your body wants to do, and is defiantly not the most flattering when you first start.

I'm not going to write too much about this point as I have a whole blog on body image and insecurities . But, what I can say Is that when you focus on what your body can do and not what it looks like you will be amazed with how quickly your body will change and you will be amazed with what you can do, ultimately this has an incredible impact on your confidence and self esteem. Surround yourself with people who are going to support you and bring out the best in you. I want you to remember that it is perfectly normal not to look like the cover girl/guy of a magazine, or have 8% body fat all year round, it's also very normal to go through ups and downs with training.

I would also like to mention that If you are reading this blog and wanting to start pole, do it! I guarantee it will be the best and most empowering community that you will ever join, you can walk into a studio anywhere in the world and feel at home. Everyone is soo supporting and and it will leave you feeling more confident than ever.

3. Not knowing where to start

sometimes simply not knowing what to do and where to start could be the reason!

Now starting something is easy when you know what you want.

You pick something you want to do and just go for it. Don't make up excuses to put it off, just do it.

However if you don't know where or what to start things can get a little tough and you'll most probably find yourself yoyo-ing between all sorts of fitness classes and getting 0 results.

If you are unsure of what you like doing then you might want to start by finding something that you enjoy doing, this means that you have to try out a few different things before you find something that gets you going. If you have found it, why does that sport inspire you? Do you look up to or aspire to be like someone, if so what activity do they like doing? What do they do to compliment their sport? Now that you have found something that you enjoy doing, set yourself a fitness goal, then once you have your goal find out exactly what you need to do in order to achieve it and get good at it then keep working on it.

Let me break this down for you.

Let's say you started some dance classes and you are starting to really enjoy it, what do you need to get good at it?

Balance? Flexibility? Technique specific drills? Plyometrics? - Here's your starting point.

Let's say you started pole, what do you need to get good at it?

Increase your upper body pull strength, Increase your flexibility, build strength in your shoulders. Here's your starting point.

If you feel as though you can't do this on your own then why not ask someone to write you a program so you can take it to the gym and work on it, or alternatively you can get a few PT sessions until you know what you are doing then you can take it away and practice it.

I guess what I am trying to get across with this blog is that everything can be simplified. Once you understand what may be the problem as to why you are finding it soo hard to start something, the problem can be resolved. However in order to do that then you need to start. Start today, what do you want to do? What's stopping you? Mel,

Atria Team

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