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A space for movement with a hands on approach that boasts a culture of athleticism specializing in Pole and Aerial.

Here at Atria, we strive to excel our students and provide them with a comprehensive learning environment that is filled with a fun, empowering and supportive community. We encourage our students to be vulnerable and support others in doing the same in order to foster an authentic community. Most importantly this is a time for our students to grow, learn and have fun!

Pole is for all. All levels, shapes, sizes and abilities are welcome.


From a small town called Meopham in Kent, UK from a very young age Mel was always involved in sports In one way or the other, whether it be dance, track and field, netball, swimming and more. 
At the age of 14 Mel discovered her love for Pole and Aerial, It was clear that Mel was a fast learner and natural teacher and so she started teaching just 1 year after. 

However learning and training didn't stop there, alongside her school studies and after school activities Mel still wanted more she started Crossfit at the age of 15 and also entered her first bodybuilding competition as a Junior bikini competitor at the age of 17, It was only then that she decided that this was the path she wanted to take and within the same year she qualified as a PT and took courses in nutrition with Body Type Nutrition based in the UK. 

Over the years she also competed in the UK with with her doubles partner. 

During this period she went straight into working for herself as a freelance PT, building her business and customer base. She went to help prepare her clients for marathons, bodybuilding competitions, pole competitions and helped many to gain confidence, better their health and fitness abilities. 

2 years from then she decided that if she stayed in Kent there wasn't much opportunity for growth left, with no secure job in place and not knowing anyone she decided to move to Dubai at the age of 20.

After a year from her move in 2017 she organized the Middle East and Asias first pole competition at the Dubai World Trade Centre, The Dubai Pole Cup attracting both national and international athletes from over 17 countries and working with brands such as Dove, Monviso, X-Pole, Dragonfly Brand to mention a few. 

In the third year of the event the DPC retreat was introduced, an all inclusive package holiday tailored for pole enthusiasts to explore Dubai together alongside an intensive camp filled with workshops with World class artists and award winning athletes. 

Over the years Mel taught in Germany at the Get together conference in Amsterdam, organized her own wellness camp which took place at the Sofitel hotel, Palm Jumeirah, Trained Celebrities, organized and taught her own workshops in Dubai and Kuwait City, wrote and published her own E-Books and created a successful online business (which still runs alongside her studio) where clients from across the globe can work with her and receive a tailored, comprehensive plan. 

In 2022 she decided the time had come for her to have her own place and Atria Studios was born. 

Mel has a deep passion for movement and the human body, she truly loves to share her knowledge and passion and strives to bring her vision to life at Atria Studios.. 



Atria's studio space is available to rent! Whether you're planning a photoshoot, special occasion or for marketing and advertisement purposes, our bright and inviting space is a perfect option!

Located in the center of Dubai, on Sheikh Zayed road it is easily accessible with public parking around the building. 

Our studio is equipped with floor to ceiling mirrors, a music system, 3.5 meter ceiling height with aerial hooks and a window for natural light. 

Get in touch with Mel for bookings! 
+971 50 172 2513

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